Article | Cybersecurity in the IoT Era: What All Organizations Need to Know

Here’s a closer look at the “Internet of Things” along with why—despite its many benefits—it also necessitates heightened levels of cybersecurity vigilance for today’s organizations.

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Webinars & Videos

Cyber Attack Response Planning: Best Practices For Creating Incident Communication Plans

Every organization faces the threat of a cyber-attack in today’s connected world.  These types of critical incidents can have a profound impact on your business. Are you ready to respond … Read More

Critical Communication for Retailers: A Comprehensive Approach

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Case Studies

Foot Locker

How Foot Locker Uses Send Word Now® To Relay Emergency Information Across Facilities and Time Zones to Targeted Groups.

Oil Refinery

How Send Word Now® is used to Direct Emergency Response and On-Call Activities in a Fast-Paced, Dynamic Environment.

Trading and Investment Firm

How a New York-based trading and investment firm uses Send Word Now® to relay market developments domestically and internationally.

Product Literature

Multi-Language Alerting

Send Word Now understands alerting in a diverse global environment. It’s why we offer the ability to create text-to-speech messages in multiple international languages.

Send Word Now for Oil and Gas Companies

Oil and gas companies produce essential products to meet global demand around the clock every day. Disruptions and safety events must be immediately addressed, with response teams mobilized and customers … Read More

SWN Direct Capabilities Overview

SWN Direct is a revolutionary mobile app for alert recipients. Whether used for everyday communications or for emergency situations, SWN Direct provides secure, flexible alerting capabilities. Find out more in … Read More