Send Word Now Webinar - It Can Happen Here - Active Shooter Events and Your Proactive Response

Webinar – It Can Happen Here – Active Shooter Events and Your Proactive Response

Kim Roerig
An active shooter event takes only minutes to occur—and it takes time for police and other first responders to arrive. How you prepare and respond is crucial. Send Word Now has partnered with Strategos International, a leading security training and consulting firm that has worked with over 110,000 corporate, government, education and...

Critical Communication for Retailers: A Comprehensive Approach

Keenan Purk
Creating and implementing a critical communications plan can be a daunting task. For retailers, especially, the task is more complex because of the number of stakeholders and operational risks you face. IT outages, man-made threats, and severe weather are just a few examples of crisis events that can disrupt your...
Webinar | Lessons from Footlocker

Lessons from Foot Locker: Best Practices for Automated Employee Communications

Effective employee communication is a challenge for today’s organizations as they face: A more geographically dispersed workforce Email overload Multi-site organizations An increasingly multi-lingual workforce Increased regulatory compliance and documentation Send Word Now joined forces with long-time client Foot Locker, to present our latest webinar. Foot Locker is a leading...
Webinar | Seven Deadly Sins of Crisis Communication

Seven Deadly Sins of Crisis Communications

Many companies are not fully prepared to communicate rapidly and effectively in a crisis. This webinar will cover the common mistakes all business continuity and disaster recovery professionals should avoid when preparing for a crisis. It is also a part of Disaster Recovery Journal's series on Best Practices in Business...
Mass Notification for IT Alerting and Response

Mass Notification for IT Alerting & Response

In this Send Word Now webinar, you'll learn how top IT organizations across the globe are using mass notification for IT alerting, email virus notifications, outage response and routine messaging.
Preparedness and Resiliency of Allianz Global Investors

Interview with a Thought Leader: Critical Communications at Allianz Global Investors Webinar

Send Word Now's popular Interview with a Thought Leader webinar series returns with guest, Jim Densmore, Vice President, Business Continuity Management for Allianz Global Investors. Jim shares his experience, expertise and recommendations for better business resiliency. He also explains in detail many of the measures his organization – a diversified...

SWN Direct Overview Video

SWN Direct is a groundbreaking, fully integrated mobile app for alert recipients. The app utilizes Internet Protocol (IP) end-to-end, which allows users to bypass telephony carriers, SMS gateways, etc. and communicate directly over any data network.