Dorothy’s Got Nothing on You This Tornado Season

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Is Your Organization Ready for IoT?

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Challenges in Using SMS in an Emergency Situation

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2017 Cyber Incident & Breach Response Guide Highlights the Role of Communication

Cyber threats are a fact of life for today’s organizations. Is your organization really prepared to respond to the ever-increasing, always-changing lineup of potential cyber incidents and security breaches? Let’s review the Online Trust Alliance (OTA)’s recently released 2017 Cyber Incident & Breach Readiness Guide. The guide highlights the pivotal role communication plays in protecting organizations from cyber incident-related fallout.

DDoS: A Rising Threat in 2017

One of 2016’s most memorable tech moments? The October cyberattack that crippled much of the American internet and earned the dubious distinction of being the largest of its kind in history. Think your business can breathe easy with that particular incident behind you? Think again. According to a recent report from Deloitte, we can expect more of the same—and potentially worse—in 2017. Here’s what you need to know.